Sibling Knitwear Gives Your ‘Ol Novelty Sweater A Colorful Kick In the Ass

Couple weeks ago, we professed our strange love of novelty sweaters, that colorful and oddly endearing '80s throwback that every grandma hand-lovingly knits come holiday season. So when we came across this selection of cat-ty sweaters from London-based label Sibling, we were in love (okay, that, or the model is really cute...moving on...). The cardigans and pullovers feature fun, whimsical leopard print, camo, sparkles, and more, all done in such a way that looks irrevocably cool instead of tacky. And for the less adventurous of dudes, there are also leather jackets and knotted sweaters, all brought to you by a design collective who've done stints at McQueen, Giles, Lanvin, and Jonathan Saunders. Sadly, the collection is only sold at Beams in Tokyo, but this should inspire all you manly men to grab the knitting sticks or, at the very least, put in your Christmas gift requests to granny. (Cyana Trend Land)