5 Things To Know This AM — May 31 2012

It isn't like 371 Madison Street was just some run-of-the-mill-co-op before the BOFFO's "Show House 2012" installations entered the mix –– unless you put a juice bar with room service, organic laundry, nutritional therapy, 24-hour vegetarian organic room service and cranial sacral therapy in your "regular" box (in which case we would like to hang out with you) –– but now their weird quota is definitely higher. Outfitted by over 100 artists and designers, 4 apartments have been transformed into "experiment(s) in living" and the rooms are hardly fit for conventionalists. (NYCurbed)
We're interested in getting beach-ready, but the stink dungeon gym holds little appeal. Luckily, WellandGoodNYC put together "Healthy Summer Guide to New York 2012," a 10 page pack of fitness alternatives backdropped by pretty, less smelly things like New York's bucolic landscapes and architectural landmarks. You can find your favorite by setting, in addition to date, time, description and fee, making it a nearly flawless resource; still waiting on a class-by-class breakdown each instructor's sexy factor. (Gowanusloughe)
Just in time for summer hellfires sweats, a suds enthusiast soaped the fountain in Union Square yesterday and bubbles abounded. Ditch the Wet Wipes and have a dip! (Gothamist)
If there's no crying in baseball, there's definitely laughing. The minor-leaguing Cyclones are set to host "Williamsburg Night" out at their Coney Island field on June 5th, where they toast that special breed of Brooklynite –– le poseur hipsteur –– with vouchers and prizes. Have a beard? Have a voucher. Inclined towards the more tapered of jeans? Head down to the field after the game, because your eligible to run the bases in a prize we'd like to call "neighborhood of the traveling pants." (HuffPo)
Hiroshi Sugimoto, clandestine Chelsea Tea House purveyor and prolific artist, will be the man behind the latest in Hermés scarves. Named the brand's third "Carre d'Artiste," his polaroid-based work from his "Color of Shadow" series –– images that recorded the synthesis of colors as morning light passed through glass –– will be translated onto those iconic silk threads in June. (ArtInfo)
Photo Via: BOFFO

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