Rad or Bad: Should We Send Overalls Back to the Farm?

Appearing alongside the heap of other pastoral staples, overalls were having a little moment on the spring runways—not, as expected, without a lot of hemming and hawing on our part about their merits. Of course, instead of Converses and cap-sleeved stretch-tees from the '90s, we'd wear ours with loads of great jewelry, dainty shoes, and flowing undershirts (or pull a Rachel Comey and wear no undershirt at all!). The Stylish Wanderer shows us that overalls in an unexpected fabric and cut turn the farm-favorite into a nearly whimsical fall option, but Adeline from Lookbook's rolled-up, un-buttoned short-alls prove that some smart accessorizing can do wonders. So, what's the secret in pulling them off? A shorter crop? Luxe fabrics? Or should we scrap our efforts and stick 'em back into the recesses of our closets?
Above, from left: Ralph Lauren spring '10, image from Style.com; Rachel Comey spring '10, image from Style.com; The Stylish Wanderer, image from Lookbook.
Above, from left: Adeline R., image from Lookbook; Cynthia Steffe spring '10, image from Style.com; Roberto Cavalli spring '10, image from Style.com.

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