5 Things To Know This AM — May 09 2012

Karl himself (Mr. Lagerfeld, that is) will be bringing his exhibit, Chanel's Little Black Jacket, to NYC but only for a week. We're definitely marking our calendars. (Fashion Indie)
Oh no! Some hooligans graffitied on the Marc Jacobs Soho store. We're just grateful nothing happened to the merch inside. (Racked NY)
Ever wonder how those humongous ads get up on our buildings? Some are done with just a paint brush, by "walldogs." It's okay to stare at them. They like the attention. (Animal NY)
You know spring is in the air when NYC is giving out flower bulbs for free. Get your green thumb in action and find out where you can get the supplies to help make New York beautiful all season long. (City Room)
They're movin' on up, to the World Trade Center Observation Deck. No decision has been made yet, but we're hoping to eat a Shack Burger 1,200-feet high. (Eater NY)

Photo: Via Fashion Indie