Masturbate Like The Stars With These 10 Celeb-Approved Vibrators

We live in a time where information about our favorite celebrities is readily available — the clothes they wear, their skin-care regimens, workout routines, the recipes they use, where they vacation, and so much more. So, it's only natural that we'd be curious about their sex toy preferences. After all, sexual pleasure is a purchase we can all stand behind, and female celebrities have long been at the forefront of erasing the lonely girl stigma that formerly surrounded purchasing vibrators — because putting your own pleasure first should never be stigmatized.
"I give Rabbit vibrators to all my girlfriends," Eva Longoria told Self back in a 2005 interview. "They scream when they unwrap it. The best gift I can give them is an orgasm." And we're inclined to agree. In the last 17 years, celebrities have continued to feel more comfortable name-dropping their favorite toys and letting us know the ins and outs of their sexual pleasure preferences, and, in the process, satiating our overly curious minds. In fact, many celebrities have even taken sex toys up as a new business enterprise, partnering with sexual health and wellness brands in order to give us the gift of orgasms.
In the name of research, we searched for the best sex toys on the internet recommended by some of our favorite celebs, and the list is stacked. From wild shapes and sizes to virtually silent options to the kinds of orgasms they deliver, vibrators have come a lot way from the Rabbit — no shade, there is nothing wrong with the classic toy, which is adored by a long list of celebs. So grab yourself one of the 10 recommended vibrators below, and experience sexual pleasure like the stars.
The Best Versatile Vibrator: Dakota Johnson loved sexual wellness brand Maude so much that she became an investor and co-creative of the company in 2020. Since then, Johnson has been unafraid to promote the sex toy brand on her Instagram and in interviews. The actress especially loves the brand's "personal massagers" — Vibe and Drop — which she admits to using as a facial massager as well as for its intended sexual pleasure purposes. We love this versatile product. Plus, it's shockingly affordable.

The Hype: 5 out of 5 stars; 1008 reviews on Maude.

What They're Saying: "Maude is a company based on universal design making modern, body-safe, high-quality essentials for before, during, and after sex, with yourself or with another lovely human. The caliber and aesthetic of these products is excellent and elevated," said Dakota Johnson to InStyle.
The Best Abstract-Looking Vibrator: When you think of Goop, you might not think of sex toys, but Paltrow's lifestyle brand has been on the forefront of the sexual wellness game since its founding. Its newest vibrator, the Viva La Vulva, just dropped last week and promises toe-curling stimulation to not just your clit but your entire vulva — all while looking like a work of art.

The Hype: No reviews yet!

What They're Saying: "You could leave [it] on your nightstand without embarrassing yourself or somebody else," Gwyneth Paltrow told the New York Times.
Best Blended Orgasm Vibrator: The Victoria's Secret Angel is famously unabashed when it comes to sexual pleasure (remember when she and ex-girlfriend Ashley Benson were photographed moving The Master Chair sex swing into their shared house back in 2018?). So it's no wonder that Delevingne has become an investor and creator for luxury sex toy brand Lora DiCarlo. This award-winning vibe was specifically developed by the model in order to help women explore their sexuality freely. Its dual-stim suction and G-spot action adapt to your unique body, giving you the best blended orgasm with every use.

The Hype: 4.5 out of 5 stars; 131 reviews on Lora DiCarlo.

What They're Saying: "This, I feel like, is a perfect way of women being able to just have that time to themselves, to enjoy themselves, and to not think about anyone else but themselves, because women don’t get that enough," said Cara Delevingne to Rolling Stone.
The Best Gender-Neutral Vibrator: You know a celebrity believes in a product when they're willing to have it named after them. This miniature wand packs a real punch wherever you need stimulation, all while fitting into the palm of your hand. It was important to nonbinary Lovato to create a toy that worked to stimulate any body part, regardless of gender, and if the reviews are any indication, everyone agrees.

The Hype: 4.8 out of 5 stars; 385 reviews on Bellesa.

What They're Saying: "We have spent far too long pretending we are not sexual beings — it’s time for us to put this stigma to rest. We are all deserving of pleasure. We are all deserving of orgasms," said Demi Lovato on Bellesa Boutique.
The Best Beginner Vibrator: You probably know Lily Allen as an accomplished singer and songwriter, but did you also know about her passion for de-stigmatizing female pleasure? The songstress teamed up with Womanizer in 2018 for the #IMASTURBATE campaign to start an open dialogue surrounding sexual fulfillment through sex toys. The Liberty was developed specifically to help women feel comfortable indulging in pleasure with this easy-to-use suction vibrator.

The Hype: 4.8 out of 5 stars; 10 reviews.

What They're Saying: "It changed my orgasmic experience all together. If I want a guaranteed orgasm, I will definitely reach for [the Womanizer]," said Lily Allen to
The Best Couple's Play Vibrator: The Real Housewives of Atlanta star launched Bedroom Kandi, an entire line of sexual intimates and toys, back in 2020 and is still pushing for pleasure products to go mainstream. The Crown Jewel, a sleek-looking egg-shaped vibrator that can be used either internally or externally, comes with a remote and is perfect for playing with a partner. For those who are curious about playing with a friend but aren't sure how to broach it, the reality star suggests using it by yourself in front of them first.

The Hype: 5 out of 5 stars; three reviews.

What They're Saying: "It’s weird how a lot of toys and things aren’t marketed toward women — especially with the popularity of pleasure parties now. I was thinking it would be nice to create something that women could have and not be ashamed of," said Kandi Burruss to Essence.
The Best Luxury Vibrator: The former Love Island contestant has admitted that the only thing getting her through COVID lockdown was her collection of sex toys, setting the stage for partnerships with several luxury sex toy brands. Among her promoted items is the Lelo Soraya Wave. This luxe vibrator uses advanced technology to mimic the curl of a person's fingers like no other massager, causing a wave of orgasmic pleasure.

The Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars; 502 reviews.

What They're Saying: "Some partners feel like a toy means they aren’t fulfilling your needs, but, really, it can be an added bonus to hopefully an already great sex life," said Megan Barton-Hanson to
Best Wand Vibrator: There's no better endorsement than spotlighting something in a music video — and that's just what the rapper did in her video for "Up." The sexually outspoken celeb recommends the toy, which has a curved handle for easy exploration. Plus, the wand's head offers a wide area to stimulate all body shapes and sizes. And if Cardi approves, you know it's good.

The Hype: 4.7 out of 5 stars; 397 reviews.

What They're Saying: "This [vibrator] right have you bussin'. I ain't gonna talk no more my business, but this vibrator have [Cardi B vibrates and shakes around the screen]," said Cardi B on Vush's Instagram.
The Best Lipstick Vibrator: Former lingerie, Playmate, and swimsuit model Coco Austin is an aficionado of sexual pleasure, which is why it made complete sense to utilize her expertise and launch her own brand of sex toys. In 2015, Austin teamed up with California Exotic to create Coco Licious, a line of premium sex toys at budget prices. This Lipstick Vibrator is one of 12 toys available for purchase and is transportable, discreet, and powerful. Just stick it into your purse and enjoy it on the go — no one else will ever be the wiser.

The Hype: 4 out of 5 stars; six reviews.

What They're Saying: "I chose the colors, the materials, the lengths, the widths — every detail," Coco Austin told the Toronto Sun.
The Best Eco-Friendly Vibrator: It's not a surprise that established earth-friendly vegan Alicia Silverstone would want a vibrator that embodies the same values she espouses. Made from recycled materials, the silicone vibrator is not only soft but packed with power in a tiny, easy-to-use package. Plus, the rechargeable batteries last almost three hours on a single charge, so you can get down to business and feel good about giving back to the earth while doing so.
The Hype: 5 out of 5 stars; one review.
What They're Saying: "I like that they look natural and feminine…like leaves and flowers…not scary....And they're shipped to you in packaging that's not only discreet, but made from recycled materials....It's nice to know that you can get your green on and your groove on at the same time!" Alicia Silverstone wrote on
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