Here's What To Say If You're Tired Of The Word "Sex"

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Sometimes, asking if our partner wants to have "sex" just doesn't feel creative enough. Luckily, we can always count on Urban Dictionary, pop culture, and the wit of creative youths to expand our vocabulary.
Of course, slang terms for "sex" have always been part of our lexicon. In recent history, there was "smush" of Jersey Shore fame, the now-ubiquitous "Netflix & chill," and let's never forget "Bang Bang Bangity Bang" from How I Met Your Mother.
So if, for whatever reason, "sex" just doesn't nail what you're trying to describe, we've rounded up some of our favorite words for "sex" that aren't "sex." Get ready to up your dirty talk game.
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This may have meant something other than sex once upon a time, but these days, when you meet up to "Netflix and chill," you're almost definitely meeting up to watch 15 minutes of a movie then have sex.

He asked if I wanted to come over to watch Netflix and chill, so of course I'm bringing condoms.
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Think of "throat" as the brash young grandchild of "deepthroat." It's just a name for when someone performs oral sex on someone with a penis.

Before we got to the main event, I gave him throat.
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While accepting her Trailblazer Award at Glamour UK's Women of the Year event in 2015, Amy Schumer said, "I’m probably like 160 pounds right now, and I can catch a dick whenever I want." And lo, a highly athletic way of saying "get laid" was born. This one is a bit specific, though, since it only applies to those who are indeed looking to have sex with someone who has a penis.

My Friday night plans consist of drinks, dancing, and possibly catching a dick.
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Just like a one-night stand, except you don't stay over after hooking up.

I kept things to a half-night stand, since her apartment was pretty gross and I wanted to sleep in my own, clean bed.
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When lovers say they "smashed," they don't mean that they made love — they fucked.

Sometimes, my partner and I will smash after a really heated debate.
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In his bedroom jam "The Morning," The Weeknd urges the sex workers he addresses throughout the song to "put in work," a.k.a. have sex and get paid. However, since the song's debut, people have used this phrase to refer to having sex without the getting paid aspect.

We put in work last night — like, at least two or three times.
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Usually followed by "that" or "that ass," "tap" refers to sex in the most basic and efficient way.

Friend: How did your date go last night?

Me: I tapped that ass. Simple as that.

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