Mom Puts 7-Year-Old On Diet, Writes A Book About it

As if writing about her seven-year old daughter's diet in Vogue wasn't enough, Dara-Lynn Weiss will soon pen an entire book on the subject. Gently titled The Heavy, the memoir will chronicle her dilemmas in modern parenting and her struggle to do what she thought best for her daughter and her health. While it's obvious that daughter Bea's health and well-being is important, the way Weiss wrote about her seven-year-old was what we found most upsetting. Weiss says in the article, "that fat girl is a thing of the past," yet she continues to reminisce (and obvs. will continue to do so through the completion of the book).
We may not get around to putting this one on our reading list, but it promises to be a lively skim whether you're for or against her unconventional dieting methods. Personally, we can't wait to read the full story in little Bea's inevitable future memoir…or actually, maybe we can. (NY Mag)
Photo Courtesy of: NY Mag

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