This New Label's Got Your Back, Really

Let's all agree that we like when our butts look great in a pair of jeans. And, some bare-shoulder action in a slinky dress is pretty sexy, too. Even if we can't twist all the way to see the rear of our outfits in the mirror, we understand that it matters what goes on back there. Thankfully, so does the just-launched label Self Portrait from the designer behind Three Floor.
Where Three Floor has been the statement-making, colorful answer to going-out gear for anti-body-con girls everywhere, Self Portrait's debut brings similarly daring, architectural vibes. The collection is comprised of lace, mesh, faux leather, and metallics. And, with a lookbook that provides a 360-degree view, no angle is ignored. The intricate patterns carried throughout all sides of the spring '14 designs lend a detail-rich feeling that really allows the pieces to stand alone. In fact, with all the attention to fabrics, striking angles, and big-old bows, the Western-inspired collection needs no extra styling at all. Lazy girls, this one's for you. Click on to see three photos of each look in the lineup, then shop them on Shopbop and Revolve. Baby's got back? More like back, front, and sides.

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