Creepy? Selena Gomez To Duet With The Original Selena (RIP)

Dead celebrities appear to be in vogue. After the hubbub started by Tupac doing a little guest spot at Coachella and the subsequent hologram hullaballoo, it seems that dead singers and musicians can be just as prolific as live ones. At the Billboard Latin Music Awards this weekend, A.B. Quintanilla, brother to the Selena, talked about Enamorada De Ti , a new Selena tribute album that will feature Selena Gomez, singing along with his deceased sister.
E! Reports that Quintanilla proclaimed, "She did an amazing job." Apparently, young Gomez is named after the Latin diva, a factoid her brother finds charming: "That's pretty awesome. Selena with Selena." Selena (the alive one) said she could actually hear Selena (the not-alive one) in the booth when recording so she could sing along.
Normally dredging vocals or performances from the deceased feels like a cheap shot or a creative bastardization (as the dearly departed can't decide for themselves what projects to take on), but with the tragedy of a young life cut short, plus the diehard commitment Selena's fans still harbor for the star, hopefully this might expose Quintanilla to a new generation. And the fact that Selena (Quintanilla) is the namesake of Selena (Gomez) is just perfectly heartwarming. What do you think?

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