See the World Through Brighter Lenses With Claw Money's Ultra-Colorful Shades

What the Internet has done for Kanye West, it's now doing for sunglasses. Feast your eyes (or your RSS feed) on Social Sun, Sunglass Hut's in-store photo station that lets customers photograph themselves trying on shades and then transmit the images via Facebook, Twitter, or good 'ol fashioned e-mail for all your friends to see. We know what you're thinking: Why would my friends want to stare at my mug in the same old Wayfarers? They probably don't. But, we think they might want to check out what you look like from behind the lens of a pair of brand new Claw Money for Sunglass Hut glasses, which will be debuted at the launch party for Social Sun. Like a sneaker collaboration for sandal weather, the limited-edition range features tropically-painted deco aviators that are just begging for a night out in South Beach. If you can't get your hands on one of the 200 limited-edition pairs, take heart: Claw Money and Sunglass Hut are set to do another collaboration in the near future, so all sun seekers will have their moment to shine.

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