Secret Dish: The Man Who Ate Everything At In-N-Out

Serious Eats writer J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has made it his personal mission to eat every single thing on the In-N-Out menu including the regular menu, the secret menu, and the secret-secret menu. While the thought of all that In-N-Out goodness may sound daunting, what is most impressive is that Lopez-Alt has managed to bring to light some menu items that even the most die-hard Los Angeleno eater may not have been previously aware of. Here, a list of the super secret secret menu items that Lopez Alt has ingested, so the next time you pull up to the drive through you can impress your carmates with you extensive knowledge of the ultimate insiders secret eats. (LAist)
-The 4x4: Four patties, four slices of cheese (for the extreme eater, this number can go higher and higher)
-The Float: Root beer float
-The Medium-Rare: Self-explanitory
-The Neopolitan: All three kinds of milkshake mixed together (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla)
-Flying Dutchman: Two slices of cheese melted between two patties
-The Chili: Chopped chili that can be grilled into the bottom of your patty

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