This $2 Face Mask Is Like An Instant Facial

In an world Internet filled with real gold-leaf masks and $1000 facials, effective skin-care treatments sometimes feel a bit out of reach. And, sure, while there are definitely benefits to some of those splurges, we just can't justify paying the cost of rent on a single, one-and-done product.
But fear not: We've unearthed a seriously hidden gem from Memebox, one of the premiere online K-Beauty destinations right now. And it rings up at only $2. Yep, you read that right: It costs less than a one-way subway ride.
Secret-A's Soothing 3-Step Face Mask is what Memebox has accurately described as a "facial-to-go." The treatment starts with a bubble cleanser to remove leftover makeup and grime. The more you rub, the thicker and foamier the formula gets — and the cleaner your pores feel.
Next comes an ampoule serum, which is basically a concentrated liquid that begins working to calm and moisturize the skin with glycerin, aloe, and honey. After smoothing that on, I slapped the sheet mask over my face. The fitted cellulose mask fit perfectly (there's nothing worse than a flimsy mask that falls off at the slightest movement) and felt instantly soothing and relaxing.
After 15 minutes, I removed the mask and I pressed the excess liquid into my skin. My skin felt plumped, replenished, and completely rehydrated, which it desperately needed after weeks of walking to work in harsh winter winds. (I had to save that subway money somewhere.)
This mask is something that I would pay upwards of $15 for, considering the three-step process and instant results, but I won't argue with the $2 price point. That just means I'm fully justified in adding 10 to my cart the next time I place an order on Memebox (which, lets be honest, will probably be tonight).
Secret-A Soothing 3-Step Mask, $2, available at

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