This Is The Most Expensive Beauty Treatment The VS Models Get Pre-Show

Photo: Via @mimiluzon/Instagram.
Ah, the life of a Victoria’s Secret model. Forget, for a minute, the blood, sweat, and tears that go into the body prep all year. In the days and hours leading up to the show, it’s all about flaunting the perks of the job, namely: a free ride to work on a private jet (destination: Paris) and intense levels of pampering to get each of the 51 models looking their most angelic and glowy. Perhaps the most decadent treatment: a next-level facial using face masks made with 24K gold leaf (veteran VS model Naomi Campbell is a big fan).
Created by Israel-based skin guru Mimi Luzon, the woman behind the models' treatments, the Pure 24K Gold Mask is chock-full of ingredients aimed at renewing skin cells (like peptides, red tea, hyaluronic acid, and coenzyme 10). But the pièce de résistance is the gold leaf, which is applied atop the corrective mask to optimize glow.
We can’t even imagine the cost of flying in Luzon herself for a one-on-one treatment using the mask at Paris’ luxe Nutri Science Clinic, since the supplies needed to treat each of the 51 models alone would ring in at $5,100. But for those with deep pockets (and deeper VS Angel fantasies), there's a way to DIY at home with a $300 pack of three masks — a bargain, comparatively. And for those of us of more modest means? Perhaps a little vicarious living through Instagram will do. See the models in all their glory getting the treatment, ahead.

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