We Hacked Our Beauty Routine With Scotch Tape — & This Is What We Looked Like

Anyone who spends hours browsing the internet has probably been tempted to stock up on trendy beauty buys like Pokémon makeup brushes or a foaming bubble sheet mask or two. Considering the bevy of alluring — or outrageous, depending on your level of beauty fandom — new products saturating the market, it's easy to overlook the beauty hacks that only involve humble household items. As it turns out, one of the most effective and easy beauty tools is already hanging out in your desk drawer, just waiting to come play in your makeup bag. Yep, that unsuspecting roll of scotch tape isn't just good for the construction paper projects our moms have been saving for two decades. It's also a cheap way to perfect your cat-eye flicks, keep your eye shadow lines clean, and experiment with some fun DIY nail art.
Check out the video above to catch all three of our favorite tape-based hacks.
Tip: Make sure you use milky-colored scotch tape, not totally clear transparent tape, which is stronger and, therefore, is more likely to irritate skin. And, as with all beauty DIYs, a patch test is needed if you think you might be allergic or sensitive to tape — so try it on your arm the day before to be sure you're in the clear. Ready to get sticky? Let's jump in!
Want more? Check out our guide to incorporating other everyday objects into your budget-friendly accessories shelf. Is there anything that we can't turn into a beauty tool?

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