Glamglow Just Dropped Its First Sheet Mask — But It's Not What You Think

There's not enough money in the world to convince me not to remove my makeup at night. The lazy devil on my shoulder that onced cooed, Go to bed, you'll wash your face in the morning, has been suffocated by a medicine cabinet stocked with tried-and-true makeup removers that get the job done as effectively and quickly as possible.
So when GlamGlow launched its first sheet mask, one that claims to remove all your makeup in three minutes, I was very skeptical — but eager to test it out.
Here's the thing with sheet masks: They lock in whatever treatment the cotton cloth is soaked in. Normally, sheet masks are all-stars when it comes to offering up intense levels of hydration. But cleansing? Not typically on the menu. But GlamGlow's latest launch, Bubblesheet, is a bubbling sheet mask, like many we've seen on Reddit and Snapchat, only it offer an innovative twist on the K-beauty mainstay.
Bubblesheet contains green tea and charcoal and promises to purge your pores of dirt, oil, and makeup — so much so it can replace your nightly cleanser. Um, excuse me?! Traditional bubbling masks infuse oxygen into the skin when smoothed over the face, leaving you feeling squeaky clean and rejuvenated. But that's on freshly-washed skin — not a full face of makeup.
So what happened? Predictably, my makeup didn't slip right off. I still needed two rounds of micellar water to actually feel totally clean and get rid of my eye makeup, but there was an upside I really enjoyed, purely for the entertainment factor: This baby bubbles more than any other mask I've ever used. Usually, the actual bubbles are disappointing and disappear all too quickly; Bubblesheet's tiny white suds bubbled for hours — even after I tossed it in the garbage.
I'll be sticking with my trusty makeup removers from now and using this sheet mask on cleansed skin to get the full glowy, hydrated effect — because the only thing scarier than the photo above is the thought of foundation and dirt being trapped in my pores for any longer than necessary.
GlamGlow Bubblesheet, $9, available at Sephora.
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