Kid Genius Alert: This 11-Year-Old Makes High-Fashion Scarves

When we were 11, we were doing things like climbing trees, chasing boys around the playground, and collecting Olsen Twins memorabilia (okay, so we still do that one). Tatiana Meyer, on the other hand, has started her very own (critically lauded!) scarf collection.
Tatiana is one of the very first young designers to be accepted onto the fundraising website Kickstarter, and her scarves have quickly shot to the top of their most popular list. Her hand-drawn designs are individually sewn by Marie Smart, a high-profile pattern maker, and she boasts New York Times writers among her early backers.
The scarves come in all kinds of patterns and colors, from mod prints to preppy plaids. Click through to see pics, read about Tatiana's story in full, and feel kinda bad about your own childhood accomplishments. (PR Newswire)

Photo: Via PR Newswire