Say No To Scarves! Now, It's Hip To Be Square

All-season scarves worn in the hot, hot summer are just about as sensible as the slim jeans those same fellows will be sweating through as they preen down Bedford. We'd like to be among the first to nominate this trend for banishment in the deep dark realm of no-no's where sunglasses at night and trucker caps reside. Rather than waiting for "I told you so," we thought we'd tip you off to the understated pocket square from A Peace Treaty's, Dastaan Collection—an equally eye-catching and more refined alternative to the dreaded scarf. Despite our reservations about cowled hipsters, we're enamored with A Peace Treaty's socio-political agenda of employing Middle Eastern artisans to continue the ancient tradition of textile production. The squares, available in a fuchsia-and-white stripe and a blue-and-white check pattern, are 100% cotton and pack in an equal proportion of sophistication and cool. Hopefully, given these pocket squares and the socially conscious nature of their production, the men in A Peace Treaty scarves might only make it to no-no purgatory.
A Peace Treaty Otranto, Dera, and Kasur pocket squares, $26, available at

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