This Color-Changing Lipstick Combines Two Of Our Favorite '90s Trends

When I was seven years old, I got my first mood ring. I loved that little marquise-cut stone more than I did my Polly Pockets — and that's honestly saying something. But over the years, the novelty wore off and I forgot about it completely. Recently though, I've found its grown-up, beauty replacement: color-changing lipsticks.
Transforming lipsticks are by no means a new phenomenon, but SassyLips' Keep 'Em Guessing Lipstick in Hearts For Eyes is in a league of its own.
I've seen green lipsticks turn pink, blue lipsticks turn berry, but a white lipstick that transforms into a frosted, hot-pink hue? We are in totally new territory, people.
It's not just the finish that has me singing this tube's praises though — the formula also ticks all the necessary boxes. It glides on like a balm, feels comfortable for hours, and fades to a pretty pink stain. And it just looks damn cool when you whip it out at the dinner table.
Needless to say, this lipstick has gone from a beauty throwback to a daily staple in my makeup routine. Is it gimmicky? Hell yes. But that's exactly what makes it so fun.
SassyLips Keep 'Em Guessing Lipstick in Hearts For Eyes, $16, available at SassyLips.

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