Little Carrie Bradshaw Is Pen Pals With Original Carrie Bradshaw, Aww

In her major leap from child roles — including Violet "You're turning violet, Violet" Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — AnnaSophia Robb is now taking on NYC as our own little lovelorn style star Carrie Bradshaw, in the new SATC series, set during the '80s. With big Manolos to fill, Robb is not leaping in head-first without some help with the Holy Grail of NYC single ladies, the original Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker.
Not only has AnnaSophia been studying the seasons of the original HBO hit, she tells Us Weekly that SJP personally reached out via snail mail(!!). And, obviously, ASR wrote back. Unfortunately, we have no idea what these two new pen-pals actually said to each other, but we're thinking it included some congrats, Carrie insight, and advice for wearing heels for an exorbitant amount of hours. Any other guesses? (Us Weekly)

Photo: Via Us Weekly