Santa & The Rockettes Throw Down: Who Will Win?

About now, it's nearly impossible to walk down the street and not stumble into some holiday cheer. That said, some places hang just a bit more mistletoe than the rest. Two in particular? The North Pole and NYC. And, both have their icons — the arctic has the king of Christmas, and here in the Big Apple we have 80 gorgeous dancers who kick up yuletide spirit at Radio City Music Hall every year, the Rockettes.
But, who is the ultimate master of all things jolly? We decided to find out once and for all, pitting the icons fist to fist (literally) in a wrestling, cookie-eating, leg-kicking, present-wrapping contest. While both brought their A-game, all we can say is we wouldn't pay big bucks to see Santa Claus take his fancy footwork to the stage.
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