Try What Santa’s Drinking: Milk And Cookies For Big Girls

While you might not be a jolly man in a red velvet suit (Santa was into the velvet trend way early, y'all), you can still take part in the most hallowed, old school, "Silent Night"-playing-quietly-in-the-background Christmas tradition of all. Nothing embodies the joy and youthful innocence of putting out cookies and milk for Santa to sip on during his rounds. The only way to make that tradition better? Adding some kick and giving those milk and cookies a much-needed adult overhaul.
Our pals at Bin On Bleecker have crafted their very own not-for-kiddies version of Santa's favorite quaff, perfect for settling down on the night before Christmas as a hearty congratulations for enduring the pre-holiday insanity. Of course, the cookies aren't the main attraction here, but we think shortbread might be the way to go — and nobody does a delicious buttery cookie like Walkers.

You'll need:
- Cinnamon sugar rim
- 2 oz 10-year port
- 1 tsp sugar
- 8 oz milk
- Ice

If you don't know where to get the cinnamon rim, you can whip some up yourself by using a one to four ratio of pure cinnamon to white sugar. Rim the glass by moistening the lip and dipping it in the cinnamon sugar, making sure to evenly coat the edges. Add the port (carefully!) and another teaspoon of sugar. Stir well, using a longer spoon so you don't muss the rim. Top with milk and add the ice. Your concoction should have a slight beige tint.
Serve with cookies, and don't forget to leave the crumbs evidence that Santa made his deliveries.

Photos: Courtesy of Bin On Bleecker, 264 Bleecker Street (between Leroy and Morton Streets), 212-620-3111.