Literally Obsessed: French Brand Sandro Opens Its First Us Store

When we heard that Parisian brand Sandro was coming to America, we let out a collective "oohhh (la la)!" of joy. So, after seeing the amazing layout of their brand-new Bleecker Street shop (and of course the to-die-for goods), we've been testing our will-power by not shop-stalking on the daily. Aside from the killer threads, one of the boutiques's best features is its his-and-hers aspect; The guy's store is conveniently connected by a common room, so you don't need to feel bad about having him sit outside the waiting room, telling you how amazing you look in everything you try on (you know you do anyways). Not able to swoop by the West Village mainstay? Luckily Sandro's also launched their new e-commerce site, so no one gets left out of the swooning/purchasing process. If we seem to be unavailable, excuse our absence. We're on Bleecker street.
Sandro, 415 Bleecker Street (at Bank Street).

Photos: Courtesy of Sandro