Before you ask, yes, her name really is Sandflower. Born in Brooklyn to a family of painters and musicians, Sandflower was destined to be an artist. And, these days she wears many brightly hued hats: singer, songwriter, designer. Everything she does — including her debut album, which came out last year, and her upcoming fashion line — is an electrifying mix of sound and color.
Sandflower is like a real-life embodiment of our wildest, neon fever dreams, donning cone-shaped bras in her music videos, regularly sporting a rainbow array of wigs, and throwing on a vintage fanny pack as she roams the streets of New York. We didn’t even have to suggest the blue lipstick — she reached for it all on her own.

Being bold and daring means...
"Color and texture and shiny things. This blue lipstick makes me so happy, blue, and shiny! I love 3-D printing and LED technology and coming out on stage in something from a futuristic sci-fi movie. It makes me feel powerful. It brings out my inner superhero. I think so much of what society says is to mute your colors a little bit. Don’t ever do that, because your soul will feel muted at the end of the day."

How I'm constantly taking risks
"If you’re an artist, you have to be willing to take risks, all the time. I bring together all of my influences to create my art: I love punk rock, rock ‘n’ roll, hip-hop, electronic music, crazy avant-garde music. I think there’s a risk in not being one thing; I’m label-less. There’s no genre that I feel like I need to stay true to. And, I think people are feeling that. Nowadays, art isn’t about just identifying with just one thing."

Why saying no is a good thing
"All of us want to get our vision out there to the most people possible. So, there will be sacrifices along the way. But, my dad always says the most power you can have as an artist is the power to say no to something. It’s really hard. I’ve worked with people who tried to steer me toward something I didn’t really want to do, and I think it’s really important when you first feel that in your gut, you say no. Once the art is made, once the song is sung and recorded, it’s there forever. Even if it feels like a setback momentarily, just stop because all you have is your art. Art is you. You gotta love it."

Tripp Metallic Silver Jacket; Dress and Shoes, Sandflower's own.
Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; hair by Bethany Brill; styled by Laura Pritchard.

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