The Ultimate Guide To Living It Up (The Healthy Way) In San Diego

We hope you've noticed that we've been revving up our fitness-related sitch on the site lately. And, well, we know all of you don't live right here in the heart of L.A., so the latest installment to our healthy living guide to SoCal is for the SD peeps (holler!). And if you don't live way down South, we're sure you'll plan a visit soon (that zoo is worth a trip alone, and don't get us started on Sea World, ha!). No matter where you dwell, we've got some helpful hints to keep you cleansed and in tip-top shape, whether you're on vacay, or just getting through the daily grind.
Photo: Via Bar Method San Diego
Break A Sweat
The Bar Method San Diego
Located in Point Loma, the Bar Method is perfect for those of you looking to get a quick dance conditioning class in, while on the run. We've hit up these interval training courses in Lala, and noticed our muscles feeling longer in just a few sessions. (They bump such great tunes, too!).
The Bar Method San Diego, 2751 Roosevelt Road, Suite 200 (Between Historic Decatur and Cushing roads); 619-226-2301.
Evolve Health & Fitness
This gym's guaranteed to have something for everyone with spin, Gravity (they call it "Pilates on Steroids"), and fusion strength-training classes. And they only allow nine participants per class, so you know you're getting hands-on help. The best part? Your first entrée is only five bucks!
Evolve Health & Fitness, 1618 West Lewis Street (between Stevens Street and Palmetto Way); 619-550-7378.
La Jolla Sports Club
Picturesque La Jolla is always first on our list of places to stop when visiting the San Diego area, and this sports club is just as posh as its surroundings. They have differing levels of membership depending on your budge (and realistic gym-going goals), and even offer nutritional counseling to pair up with your exercise plan.
La Jolla Sports Club, 7825 Fay Avenue (near Silverado Street); 858-456-2595.
North Park Fitness
This sweat lodge is one of the most affordable we've found in the area, and the $29.99 per month price beats any quote we've ever gotten in L.A. — we're actually kind of jealous! They have top-of-the-line equipment, extended hours for busy gals about town, boxing classes, and even Zumba (have you tried it yet? Obessed!).
North Park Fitness, 3049 University Avenue (at Grim Avenue); 619-255-4830.
Photo: Via Tender Greens
Eat Right
Tender Greens
Most of the produce from TG comes from the sprawling farms in Oxnard, and just about every item you'll eat there is organic. What we love most besides their insanely delish salads is the design of the building. It's a throwback to the '30s with an old-school beachside cottage vibe, and the prettiest little patio.
Tender Greens, 2400 Historic Decatur Road (near Womble Road); 619-226-6254.
The Naked Café
To fill your tummy up without feeling like a total beast, try the Good Karma: four egg whites, steamed brown rice, broccoli, zucchini, and salsa fresca. They also make a mean Sesame Ginger Soft Taco for deliciously healthy fare that doesn't taste like cardboard.
The Naked Café, 3555 Rosecrans Avenue (near West Camino Del Rio); 619-226-7866.
The bestseller on this yogi-owned resto's menu is their Neatloaf, with brown rice, grains, eggs, ricotta cheese, tofu, and spices blended together and baked, then topped with a tangy tomato-based sauce. You can get it vegan style, too, sans the eggs and cheese. They were around long before the veggie craze, and it's apparent that they've perfected each and every recipe.
Jyoti-Bihanga, 3351 Adams Avenue (near Felton Street); 619-282-4116.
Okay, first off, we love the satirical spin on In-N-Out! This teeny vegetarian's (and vegan's) dream uses unrefined sugar, olive oil, sea salts — only the most au natural ingredients make it into their dishes! We recommend the Tree Hugger, a veggie patty piled with avocados, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, and mayo.
Veg-N-Out, 3442 30th Street (near Upas Street); 619-546-8411.
Photo: Via The Spa At The Del
Spa at The Del
Just stepping inside the famous Hotel Del Coronado is like taking a deep, relaxing breath, but the beachfront spa is second to none. Hearing the Pacific tide roll in as you get rubbed down is just pure heaven! And if you've taken in too much sun (we've all been guilty on this front a time or two), they have an amazing Sunburn Relief treatment packed with aloe and Hawaiian Noni.
Spa at The Del, 1500 Orange Avenue (between Glorietta Boulevard and Adella Avenue); 619-522-8100.
Spa Veila
Right in the middle of the Columbia and Little Italy districts of downtown SD, this spa is a sanctuary close to many hotels. With Swiss showers, a steam room, and a lounge comfy enough to hole up in all day, Spa Veila is rejuvenation incarnate. Did we mention it's the city's #1 Gold LEED Certified Building? Pretty cool that they don't just care about your well-being, but Mother Earth's, too.
Spa Velia, 401 West B Street Suite 180 (on the corner of State Street); 619-235-0000.
Aqua Day Spa
This Korean-style spa stays open until 11 at night, perfect for an entire evening of hanging in their steam room, red clay sauna, and hot and cold jacuzzis. Our pick on their vast menu is the Purification Body Scrub and Oil Massage, which is the perfect mix of rough exfoliation followed by soothing strokes.
Aqua Day Spa, 4637 Convoy Street Suite 105 (near Opportunity Road); 858-279-8889.
Urban Calm Organic Spa
This urban retreat specializes in old and new beauty tricks including the recent rave: Revitalight Therapy, which eases up those deeper wrinkles. We say stick with the Seaweed Facial, though, for 90 minutes of hydration and aquatic mineral pampering.
Urban Calm Organic Spa, 726 Ninth Avenue (between F and G streets); 619-236-1395.

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