Salman Rushdie: He's Just Like Us — Uses FB To Hook Up/Break Up

In what can only be considered a confusing blurb on our gossip radar, Salman Rushdie and Devorah Rose have hooked up (or at least wanted to?) in NYC, and then parted ways, all thanks to the great equalizer, Facebook. The Scribe And The Socialite (that's what their romance novel would be called) exchanged a series of flirtatious messages via the internet, followed by Rose going public on (what else but) Twitter, suggestively asking Rushdie for a "do-over" (whatever that means). It's unclear what actually happened between the two of them, but it's become apparent that Rushdie wants distance from the entire situation (threatening to "consider all [his] options"), as Rose continues to scatter bits of information to various sites, including, of course, Page Six . Are you really that surprised? From his track record that boasts younger, hotter women, you'd think Rushdie would learn by now not to mess with Midnight's Children (c'mon, it was too easy)? (Gawker)
Photos: Via Devorah Rose's Twitter

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