Weirdest. Photo. Ever. Courtney Love And Salman Rushdie, Together.

Though Salman Rushdie might be one of the greatest living authors, it's hard to forget his memorable Bridget Jones's Diary scene. So, we can't help but wonder about just what is going on in the above picture, taken at the Booktrack launch dinner at Yotel (the new book app responsible for Petra Nemcova's dirty interaction with James Frey)...perhaps Courtney Love's asking Rushdie about Chechnya? In a pairing we could never have expected, Love's leaning in like her life depends on it, showing off her flower tattoos and gigantic emerald earring to a stripey Salman, who is apparently delivering earth-shattering, life-changing news. We love everything about it!
Photo by Joe Schildhorn/

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