We’ve All Been Underestimating This Acne-Fighter

Raise your hand if you hear "salicylic acid" and immediately think "pimple healer." That's because everyone and their dermatologist has preached the power of SA. But you might not know that the wonder acid is actually spectacular for fighting other skin woes, not just that pesky period pimple on your chin. I sure didn't.
One day, while googling around for wrinkle-fighting ingredients, I came upon another acid commonly used to soften lines: beta-hydroxy. And — get ready for the big reveal, people — SA and BHA are the same thing. While acne products market it as salicylic and anti-wrinkle products market it as beta-hydroxy, turns out they are interchangeable. What makes the difference in treatment is the strength of the acid and the ingredients it's paired with that make it better for one skin issue or the other.
Seeing as how I have an epic stash of zit-fighting cleansers, toners, creams, and treatments, I wondered whether I could repurpose them to be collagen promoters and line erasers. But before I got to work, I wanted to know the safest ways to use this ingredient and some juicy secrets about why, and how, it treats fine lines and aging skin.
The pros I spoke with gave me the lowdown on all the benefits of salicylic, and the myriad ways in which you can use it. You'll be amazed to hear just how SA works with your skin's chemistry, what issues it can solve, and why you'll be thanking it in the long run.
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