This Is Why The Word “Sale” Makes You Freak Out

SHOP-OWNER8_AnnaAlexiaBasilePhotographed by Anna Alexia Basile.
For some, shopping is a chore. But, that's not how we think about it. It's an experience and a chance to browse racks of items you may (or may not ever) buy. And, leaving with an item you love is so gratifying, it takes everything in your power not to do cartwheels out the door. That feeling is only heightened when those “additional 40% off” signs appear.
This feeling is difficult to put into words, so The Huffington Post said it with GIFs — an entire list of the joys, anxieties, and bodily urges that are par for the course for any serious bargain hunter. Click over for the full, sometimes-anxiety-filled, sale-shopping experience. Don't worry — you get ice cream at the end. (The Huffington Post)
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