Want Ryan Gosling’s Babies? Must Love Blood And Cotton Candy

We know, we know, it's starting to look like we're obsessed with Ryan Gosling. But that's only because we're really obsessed with Ryan Gosling, and if that's so wrong, then just cart us off to Rikers. His latest bits of wit and wisdom certainly don't help us calm down—not only does he seem to have had great relationships and sustained respect for ex-girlfriends, Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams, but he also has love for John Hughes movies. And, Pretty In Pink? One of our all-time faves. While the actor certainly has a soft side, stating, "I'd like to be making babies," he's just too busy living the gritty dream of bloodying up the silver screen in Drive, in theaters now. He says he was inspired by Hughes' films, which he says are "almost perfect," but would be exactly right with a little "blood and cotton candy." And, given that Gosling's been spotted in our 'hood on more than one occasion, we're planning on stocking up on the carnival treat, just in case he decides to swing by. (Jezebel)

Photo: Via Vulture