5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 03 2012

NYPD making unnecessary arrests? Ellen Barkin won't stand for it and instead, stands up to the cops who apparently shoved her in return. (Jezebel)
Ryan (our love) Gosling and Eva (we get it, you're pretty) Mendes left the Bowery Hotel to party in NYC for NYE... but wait... the Bowery Hotel is right across the street from us! There's hope yet. (Just Jared)
Start the year with some sad, sad news: tons of Park Slope restos close. Foodies, don't read on. (F*cked In Park Slope)
Despite the red lips and Burlesque on her resume, Christina Aguilera watched the Cabaret show at the U.E.S' Bistro Chat Noir, instead of performing herself. (NY Post)
T Mag gives us their best of men's fashion from 2011, and we like it as much for its gratuitously cute pics as we do for its chic threads. (T Mag)
Photo: Via Just Jared

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