This Shoelace Hack Could Change Everything

Photographed by Winnie Au.
This post was originally published on May 11, 2015. There's nothing worse than having to give up your running groove because your poor feet have fallen prey to blisters. But, with this hack from visibility experts Illumiseen (discovered via reddit) those blisters may be a thing of the past. As the video below explains, it all hinges on those extra holes at the top of your running shoes. First, make a loop by inserting the lace backwards into that extra hole, leaving a bit dangling out. Then, cross your laces by inserting them into the loop on the other side of the shoe. Pulling down tightly should then create a solid "lace lock." From there, you can just tie your shoe normally. And, with all of that, your feet should stay in place, leaving your heels blister-free. Other experts suggest totally re-lacing your shoes every few weeks to keep the fit on point. We prefer this lace-lock technique; it'll save us time (and effort), so we can get right out there and stretch our legs — and, hopefully, save those Band-Aids for another day.
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