The Simple Trick That Makes Running Feel Better

Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Part of our job at R29 Wellness is testing the latest workouts, foods, gear, and trends. And, while putting a new pair of sneakers — the limited-edition Minimus 00 Trainer from New Balance — through a sweat-test yesterday, we heard one of those “why didn’t someone tell us sooner” tips that we just had to share.
“You should completely untie, remove, and then re-string your laces every few weeks,” Ken Thornby, general manager of training at New Balance, tells us. This keeps your shoes in good shape, with a snug fit. Maybe you haven’t thought about your sneaker laces since you learned how to tie them — or since you gave up lacing them up entirely. But, if you (like this editor) tend to slip out of your shoes without even untying them after a workout, you definitely don’t want to skip this step.
Another lace-tying trick from Thornby: If the sneaker feels a little loose, particularly around the heel, be sure to thread the laces up through the very last eyelet. (Typically, sneakers come out of the box without that last hole laced.) Using every eyelet helps set your foot back, prompting your heel to sit in the proper place. This also helps to create a better fit, so you have a more comfortable run.
We'll definitely be adding this easy trick to our fitness routine — at least until the Marty McFly self-lacing sneakers of the future show up.

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