5 Errand-Running Outfits That Only Look Like You Tried Hard

You might already have a signature errand-running outfit. Maybe it consists of the softest, stretchiest denim (you know, just a notch above Pajama Jeans), plus your favorite college sweatshirt and whatever pair of flats are within arm’s distance. Accessories, bras, showers: all optional. While this may seem like a fail-proof, trusty option for grocery shopping and dropping off dry cleaning alike, we’ll argue that there are plenty more-advanced and fashion-forward ideas where that came from. In fact, the five looks ahead make even the most mundane moments appear to be pretty awesome.
Ahead, we’ve laid out errand-running outfits you can be proud of — not just because they contain metallic crossbody bags instead of tattered, canvas totes. Or because they don’t require you to rush home and change before meeting up with people who know exactly how often you wear that old hoodie. These looks are much more personally satisfying, because they take into account all the tiny — but important — details you think about when it comes to outfits you, well, don’t want to think about. So, go on: Take notes on the solutions to dentist-, DMV-, and daycare-pickup-ready outfits galore. These will make you look like you have SO much more time on your hands.

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