18 Beauty “Fails” We Actually Love

Beauty used to be a whole lot simpler. Makeup was meant to enhance and conceal — not to be extravagant or obvious. Hair was expected to be coiffed, not messy (which usually meant straight and smooth). Lashes were long and separated, and lipstick was applied with pinpoint precision. Nails were painted subtle nude hues (a.k.a. beige or ballet pink), and skin was perfectly even, smooth, and powdered. These, for a long time, were the tenets of what it meant to be beautiful.
Did you doze off somewhere in the middle of that paragraph? Us, too. In today's world of nail art, duo-chrome shadows, and messy crown braids, these so-called "rules" are beyond snooze-worthy — not to mention, seriously limiting and non-inclusive. And, while they may seem outdated, we still hear them regurgitated all the time. Seriously, how many times have you heard the old "don't go bold on both your lips and eyes — choose one or the other"?
We say eff that noise. Some of the downright prettiest looks we've seen recently would be considered faux pas in the conventional beauty sphere. Break-the-rules beauty is a helluva lot more interesting to us than the traditions we've all been taught. 
Which is why we thoroughly embrace the following beauty "fails" in all their smudgy, imperfect, outlandish, and in-your-face splendor. Read on to learn the 18 beauty "fails" we'll gleefully continue to make, no matter how against the status quo they may be.

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