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RSVP? Hell Yes! Our Favorite Fashion Week Invites

The very idea of the panoply of colors and fabrics at Fashion Week is enough to get our engines running. And around this time every year, a mailbox full of colorful, crafty invites makes us anticipate the stylish drama all the more, this season being no exception. Here are some of the most innovative invitations we've received so far.
Bodkin--These 3D invitations hand-delivered math and science right into our offices. The tetrahedron-shaped invite comes with a surprise inside-- an air plant (fear not, New Yorkers, they need no natural sunlight or soil). Appropriately, the show will be held at the Horticultural Society of New York.
Julian Louie--Well, it's certainly the largest invite we've received! This poster-sized invite (it's folded over like 4 times) is a black'n'white shot of a chair with a matador jacket on the back and slippers in front. Intriguing...
Slow and Steady Wins the Race--this pressed shiny silver balloon invite reminds us of a kid's birthday party, and who doesn't love those? Exactly. And, come on, the invite is inflatable!
3.1 Phillip Lim—A simple white card? No, no—Lim makes his invite textural and whimsical with a hand-sewn border in merlot-colored thread.
General Idea by Bumsuk—As you noticed, we're all about fun and games. This black plastic invitation that doubles as a puzzle brings a great playfulness.
Bensoni—A zing of highlighter-hued bright pink, this patterned invite brings a little '80s edge and a smile. It's fashion week and all is sunshine and joy.
Hayden-Harnett—A cool graphic invitation is cleverly accompanied by a hotel key to their show (held at the Chelsea Hotel), and both are contained in a chic little leather envelope. It's like a fashion tryst!!