Which Member Of TLC Would Have Worn This Outfit?

Photo: Courtesy of Rosie Assoulin.
We weren’t the only ones — at the Rosie Assoulin presentation yesterday, lots of people were exclaiming “This is so TLC!” while snapping photos of the looks. At first, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense: TLC was overalls, bandanas, and CrazySexyCool creativity. Rosie Assoulin is bell-sleeves, big ruffles, and uptown sophistication. But this Spring 2016 collection was a melding of hip hop and the hors d'oeuvres lifestyle, to brilliant effect.

Characterized by itty-bitty tops, billowing parachute pants, overalls, and Bermudas, along with big, bold accessories, TLC’s T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli were sort of responsible for making the late ‘90s fashion scene not suck. It was subversive and cool, sexy and attention-grabbing, but you got the feeling that they were dressing up more for each other than some random male gaze. You get that same vibe with Assoulin's collection: It’s over-the-top and exaggerated in its “elegant” symbols, but cleverly balances swagger and subtlety. Plus, we’re really into the leotard/boxer/low-rise pants layering...

We’ve gone through the entire collection to determine whether T-Boz, Left Eye, or Chilli would rock the look best. Take a look at our matchups and let us know in the comments if we got any wrong.

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