The Perfect Place To Go On Your Next Couples Vacation

Couples' getaways can be wonderful and romantic but spending multiple days in a row together in a new place can also put a relationship to the test
It makes sense. Travel is stressful (hello, TSA lines). It often requires compromise. You each may have certain expectations of how the trip should go. You also might be getting less alone time than you're used to. All of those factors have a way of highlighting incompatibilities you may have never noticed before.
The key to actually enjoying your vacation-for-two starts with picking the right spot for your trip, says Jim Augerinos, president and luxury travel consultant at Perfect Honeymoons
In Augerinos's experience, the most successful trips are typically to places neither partner has been before, but aren't too difficult to get to. That maximizes your chances for bonding (because your'e both having the same, new experiences), while minimizing travel stress. And yes, it needs that certain je ne sais quoi that will highlight your warm fuzzy feelings for each other.
Another tip from Augerinos: “Choose a destination that appeals to each person," he suggests. "It's not fair to go on a golf getaway if one person isn’t into golfing. Don’t cater to just one person’s interests.”
Given these guidelines, every couple's perfect getaway will be unique to where they live and what they love. But if you're not sure where to start with planning, these destinations offer a great jumping off point.

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