What The Little Mermaid Would Wear Today

If you were alive in the late '80s, you undoubtedly made some wardrobe mistakes. We all did; there were style lessons to be learned and forward momentum to be had. Maybe your faux pas came in the form of tiered floral ruffles or a giant, blue hair bow. Or maybe, like Ariel, a.k.a. the Little Mermaid (whose Disney iteration was born circa 1989), you just felt like your above-sea clothes didn't reflect your true, purple-clamshell self. (We're surmising this was merely one of Ariel's out-of-the-sea problems — along with, you know, not being able to speak, and being cursed by an evil she-cephalopod.)
If Ariel were around today, she'd probably be drawn to Rodarte's stunning spring 2015 collection, which is full of shipwreck-chic netting, fairytale beading, and frilly pirate-gone-punk gear. She'd totally be into it — that is, if she hadn't turned into sea foam after throwing herself into the ocean in grief (what, you never supplemented your Disney knowledge with the Hans Christian Andersen original?)
And, yes, maybe these eyebrows would have freaked out King Triton. But, every little mermaid grows up — and likely goes through a rebellious streak in the process. Click through for all the ethereal creations (featuring whozits and whatzits galore, of course).

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