Plus-Size Model Robyn Lawley Debuts A Swim Collection To Flatter Your Every Curve

When Ralph Lauren named Robyn Lawley as its first plus-size model, everyone was up in arms. To many she wasn’t “plus-size enough” — being that Lawley stands at an Amazonian 6’2” and wears a size 12 — while others were excited to see a model above a size 0 or 2 featured in a Ralph Lauren advert at all. Regardless of the plus-size debate, we were thrilled to see another beautiful, curvier woman added to an otherwise thin lineup of fashion models.
So, when Lawley announced she had designed a swim line specifically for the curvier body, we knew it would be a hit. While the line is initially launching in only sizes eight through 18, Lawley plans to extend the range both above and below those sizes, providing the collection is a success. With luxe, high-end fabric and gorgeous prints and colors, Lawley’s collection is sure to make a splash.
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Photos: Courtesy of Madison Plus Select.


What made you decide to create a swimwear line?
"I'd had been thinking about it on and off for the past five years. I swim almost daily, and I found most swimwear that came in my size to be boring and unflattering with no real fashion elements.

"I also couldn't find any bikinis that supported my bust in the surf, or had a high enough rise in the stomach section to be flattering, so the idea was born from my own necessity and grew from there."

Why did you choose to only include sizes eight through 18?
"For this first collection, I decided to start in a size range that 80% of women live between, and frighteningly, is also totally under catered for in fashion-forward swimwear."

Do you plan to offer smaller and larger sizes in the future?
"Yes, that is the goal! I want Robyn Lawley swimwear to be the go-to brand for swimwear for all women. We will add sizing according to the feedback we receive and we are really hoping the demand is there. We have also ensured that the sizing is 'true' for my collection; regular swimwear brands tend to be very small fit, and you often find yourself going up one or two sizes to be comfortable. This is not the case with my line."

Where did you find your design inspiration?
"I'm lucky enough to travel around the world for work. I'm constantly meeting new people, seeing new art, and living in new cultures. I visually capture ideas and concepts every day. My dragon fruit one-piece was inspired by my love of food.

"The rest of the collection has facets of my own personality, urban edge, glamour, and retro. Everyone has different sides to their personality. You can still dress in your style by the pool or at the beach."
Ready to shop the shore-ready line? It's being sold exclusively at Madison Plus Select.
Photos: Courtesy of Madison Plus Select.

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