This Highlighter Pencil Will Make You Look Like You've Never Heard Of Stress

Aside from the obvious, like "I'm sleeping with your husband" or "you have six months to live," there are precious few phrases in the English language more devastating than "you look tired." It is a three-word punch to the gut, a four-syllable shortcut to reevaluating everything about yourself and where you went wrong in life to deserve such a crushing dig.
But look: In this rat race of a Western society, where everyone is expected to trudge through nine-hour workdays, maintain an active social life, eat the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, drink enough water, make your own cold brew, and play an active part in the resistance, it is inevitable that some of us, sometimes, look as exhausted as we feel. Which is not to say that anyone should ever be reminded that they do — only that, hey, maybe you should get yourself the new RMS MultEYEtasker pencil.
A functional spin on putting stark white liner on your waterline, which is not only the oldest trick in the book but also one that will generally make you look less "wide awake" and more "why do your eyes look so weird," the MultEYEtasker is essentially a highlighter housed in a very thin, very precise twist-up pencil.
But it's not just any highlighter: It's the RMS Living Luminizer, which might just be the definitive best highlighter. In its original potted form, it is not shimmery or strobe-like but luminous and sheer, with a creamy, smooth formula that melts into skin and gives you the fresh-faced impression of the young and blissfully naive, no matter how bedraggled you feel. In this new fine-tip form, you get the same pearly effect, only with a lot more control, so you can hit the inner corners of your eyes and your cupid's bow and the bridge of your nose and, yes, your waterline — all of the places where naturally dewy skin beams.
So the next time you feel your eyelids start to sag after staying up all night writing letters to your senators, or your heart rate start to pick up while you're watching the news, or your coworker looking at you with knitted eyebrows in a middling display of faux concern, whip out this pencil and light up. You certainly won't feel any less thinly spread, but at least you'll look it. Because if you're burning the candle at both ends, you might as well harness some of the glow from that flickering flame.
RMS MultEYEtasker in Living Luminizer, $22, available at RMS Beauty.

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