5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 16 2010

Apparently not everything about prison sucks. Even if you never get incarcerated on Rikers Island, you can still get in on the jailhouse jam thanks to the New York Times .They've printed the recipe of "Rikers Island Carrot Cake," which is apparently scrumptious. (Gawker)
What annoys New Yorkers most? People who block subway doors followed closely by slow walking tourists. Personally, our biggest boiling point goes to cabdrivers who gab away on cell phones. Seriously, WTF are they talking about for so long? (Gothamist)
Not content with dominating the wrap-dress field, DVF is now turning her eye to hospital gowns. At least patients will be fashionable. (Coco Perez)
Jersey Shore sure knows how to crank out good citizens! The latest felon—Ronnie, who was arrested because of unpaid parking tickets. Sure beats Snooki's public intoxication. (New York Post)
On the 65th anniversary of V-J Day, couples re-enacted the famous, iconic kiss between a nurse and a soldier in Times Square. Kinda sweet, kinda creepy. (City Room)

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