Rewriting the Script: Spelling Change Alphabetizes for Obama

Okay, at this point, if "That One" doesn't get elected, we might just have to shut down the blog (and run to Canada, but that's another issue.) After bringing you shirts, a bangles, and belt buckles, we now present you with Spelling Change, a web-based service perfect for those Obamamaniacs who just can't get enough Obama in their morning cup of Obama. Similar to other websites, Spelling Change will take whatever script you type in and transform it to a lovely cavalcade of Obama-related images spelling out your chosen word or phrase. From there, you can have this graphic exclamation of your electoral intent printed on your choice of T-shirts, bumper stickers, post cards, or posters. Hurry, there's only a few weeks left till this whole dog and pony show is over.
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