These Spots Give Discounts For Bringing Your Own Bowls, Cups & Bags

In honor of Earth Day, many people are feeling revved up and ready to do something to help the planet, but consumers can make a small difference 365 days a year simply by avoiding single-use plastic.
Bringing your own cup to the coffee shop, reusable bags to the grocery store, and even containers to restaurants is one sustainable practice that's easy to embrace. Though reducing the amount of plastic that's going into landfills is reason enough to make many of us eager to bring our own bags, cups, and containers whenever we can, some establishments offer an extra incentive. Below, you'll find a few of these eco-conscious spots, and the programs they offer.

Caribou Coffee:

Currently, customers can get 10 cents off at the coffee chain off if they bring their own reusable mug.


Refillable cup programs are available at participating Dunkin' locations nationwide however, according to a rep for the chain, specific discounts and reusable mug programs are determined by individual franchise owners. With that in mind, check with your local Dunkin' to see what it has to offer.

Just Salad:

Just Salad diners can purchase a blue reusable bowl for $1 at any time and receive one free additional toppings every time they bring it in. In honor of Earth Day, those blue bowls will be given away for free to the first 100 guests at every Just Salad location. In addition to free toppings year-round, the salad chain is also offering customers discounted salads every single day for the entire month of May when they purchase the Unlimited Salad Bowl for $129. If customers bring in their bowl all 31 days in May, the cost breaks down to only $4.16 per salad.

Peet's Coffee:

Bring your own mug to Peet's, and you'll receive a 10-cent discount on your caffeine fix.

Pilot Flying J:

Customers who frequent Pilot Flying J would do well to invest in one of the travel centers' PhilMor mugs for $2.99. Its first refill is on the house, and future refills are $1.19.


Instead of just waiting for Starbucks to roll out the fully recyclable cup it's working on, be proactive and bring your own reusable cup along starting now. The chain will reward you by taking 10 cents off your drink order.


If you do your grocery shopping at Target, be sure to bring your own bags because according to a rep for the retailer, it gives a 5-cent discount for each reusable bag used. This discount is available at every single Target store, which means you can save on the impulse items you inevitably buy while picking up your groceries.

Trader Joe's:

Recently, Trader Joe's has been making an effort to reduce plastic in its stores, however according to a Trader Joe's rep, the grocery chain does not have a bring your own bags incentive program. Depending on where you live though, you could still save by bringing your own reusable shopping bags. "Per some state/municipal laws, we are required to charge a fee for the use of carry-out paper bags ($0.05, $0.10, etc.), and these charges do not apply to customers using reusable bags," the rep explained. "So, in some of our stores, you do not have to pay a fee when you bring your own bags."

Whole Foods Market:

While not all Whole Food locations will give you money back when you BYOB, according to the grocery chain, in some regions, it does offers customers a refund for bringing their own shopping bags.

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