What To Wear To All The Hometown Reunions Coming Up

For the first time in a long time, your schedule next week is delightfully bare. Between "lounging on the couch" to "lounging on the chair" to "lounging on the barstool as Mom makes mashed potato sandwiches," you're blissfully free of work events, dinner engagements, social calls, and Tinder dates. However, as it typically happens during stretches like these when you're back at home, cabin fever sets in by Day 3. And, if your friends from back home have also returned for the holidays, that's when your phone will start ringing with invitations for impromptu reunions with people you haven't seen in forever.
From casual affairs to more organized events, it's inevitable that you'll want to meet up with old buds when you go home. And, though they might remember you as the one who always wore "those crazy cropped cardigans" or had black-dyed scenester bangs, you have (thankfully) moved on. To help them create new, Hot Topic-free memories of you, we've offered a list of what you should consider packing to make the most of four of the more common reunions you might have over the holidays.

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