Don’t Try To Restring Your Hoodie Or Sweatpants Without This Essential Tool

Drawstrings are like reliable subways or coffee stirrers at the office — you don't really think too much about them until they're gone. When they disappear? Everything becomes terrible. Whether the drawstring got eaten by the washer or drier or you were a little rough with one side, a string comes out in seconds, but takes hours to put back in. Ever tried restringing one by hand? It's like trying to thread a needle while wearing oven mitts. Recently, while I was inchworming the end of a string through a pair of sweatpants — and accidentally undid 45 minutes of work when I pulled a little too hard — I refused to continue living my life until I found an alternative solution. After intense googling and a little faith, I came to learn that all I needed was a straw. Watch the video above to see how it works.

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