31 Brand-Spankin’-New Styling Tricks

When it comes to Fashion Weeks, fall is big. Spring is big, too. But, resort? What does that even mean? For the uninitiated: "Resort" is an annual delivery of a totally new fashion collection from the top designers in the biz. Like fall and spring, it hits stores months later — we see everything now, but we can't shop the goods until early winter. For the fully initiated: We know it's still a lot to digest. (Honestly, when did pre-spring become such a "thing?") The collections are more robust and more designers are putting out full lookbooks. It's a lot to keep up with.
Still, a funny thing happens in-between the larger-than-life fashion months that most associate with trend-setting threads. Trends are set. Threads happen. And it's these oft between-the-cracks fashion moments that have serious staying power. These are the items that rack in the most dough for stores, after all. They replenish the stock after fall's all sold out, but it's not quite time for spring yet. More importantly, though, they energize our wardrobes with creative (and wearable) goodness.
Take, for instance, one thin red cloth wrapped around the neck to make an effortless (and not-too-heavy!) scarf. Or a shoe-and-dress combination you haven't thought to try yet. Or a refreshed '80s vibe, cut-outs and color blocking included. Yep, all of these ideas are all thanks to Resort '16 and we've got the pics and tips to prove it. Click through, copy, style, and repeat. You've got this whole "resort thing" on lock.

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