5 Things to Know This AM — Mar 20 2012

Acne's downtown outpost might be closing, but fear not! A bigger, better, shinier, Acne-er one is coming soon! (NYRacked)
The rent is too damn... low?! There's a rent-controlled Apt in Soho for $55 a month. Desperately trying to resist the urge to get out the pitchforks. (Gothamist)
Hooray, the city's graduation rates are improving... but we're still behind the national average. Wamp wamp. (Animal New York)
For a city that never sleeps, artist Charlie Todd was recruited by the Guggenheim Museum's Architecture and Urban Studies Program to transform an Astoria-Bond N car into a mobile oasis as part of their installations. Thanks but no thanks, we only nap accidentally on the subway. (New York Observer)
Carine's putting a spin on an old classic — a lá Paris girl in America — and will be basing her forthcoming magazine in New York City. (Fashionista)
Photo via: NYRacked

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