Skin Rx: Score FaceTime With One Of Our Fave Celeb Estheticians!

Kind of crazy admission: There are some facials that leave us on the fence about the entire skin care profession. Sure, you can walk out from a scenester (and most likely uber-expensive) treatment with a super-dewy visage. But then — lickety-split — your skin's fifteen minutes are up. And then there's those "Deep Cleansing" appointments that leave you still seeing noir in every pore. Well, we (and a team of Tinseltown starlets) are sold on Renée Rouleau because her revolutionary français beauty dogma is totally against the grain.
The 25-year vet in the biz believes that just like anything else in life, getting that glow factor takes diligence and discipline, not just one-stop steam-and-pop miracle working. Her regimen is about diet, nutrition, stress reduction, and nine different diagnosed skin types (hey, we don't all wear the same size in Miu Miu, why should our mug be expected to squeeze into a mold?).
The only catch with this dermis diva is that her Institut de Beauté is located in Dallas, and even though Rouleau travels to L.A. and NYC for pop-ups every few months, we're so attached that it never seems enough (although the infrequency ensures we never flake!). Until now. Rouleau has launched My Skin Prescription, a virtual six-step regimen so customized and thorough that you can practically French kiss blemishes, dark spots, dehydration, and aging goodbye. First, users Skype or FaceTime with the pro (or one of her protégés), then she sets you up with an entire regiment based upon the analysis, including products, email updates with personalized tips, and she'll even get you in cahoots with dietitian Keri Gans. Sign up, and next thing you know, you'll be getting stopped on the street!

Photo: Courtesy of Blue Sky Communications