Where Real Beauty Junkies Get Their Best Tips

Reddit used to be a virtual place for me to indulge my inner sci-fi geek — where I could convene with my fellow geequals about Lost theories. But as most of my relationships have evolved, so has my Reddit sensibility. Lately, I’ve been frequenting everyone’s favorite Geocities-esque site for its wealth of beauty know-how.
Sure, it lacks in style, but it makes up for it in substance. That being said, surfing the site’s heavy-on-the-verbal/light-on-the-imagery interface can feel like you’re participating in an archeological dig. That's where I come in.
While poring through the wealth of information Reddit has to offer beauty enthusiasts, I excavated some seriously obscure tips for all of us. So unique in fact, I hadn’t heard of any of them in my ten years of beauty blogging, a veritable lifetime of magazine consuming, or in all of my (tons of!) beauty-related social media interactions.
Here, the best beauty redditors to follow into your own Reddit rabbit hole (are redditors the new editors?), and the tips I've learned from them.