Spill It: K-Pop Sensation Red Velvet Lets Us Peek Inside Their Purses

K-pop divas Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri tell us about the everyday essentials that keep them looking and feeling fierce.

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If the music industry were high school, South Korean pop group Red Velvet would be the effortlessly cool girls everyone desperately wants to be friends with. And not even the kind you love to hate — the infuriatingly nice ones who somehow manage to do it all and take everything in stride.
In just the past year, the five queens of K-pop came out with three EPs and one repackaged album, collected accolades, and released what is arguably K-pop's best bop of the year. And to top it off, members Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Wendy, and Yeri do it all with enviable style; they're as bold and willing to experiment with their looks as they are with their music.
In this spirit, Red Velvet opened up their purses to Refinery29 for Spill It, in which we take a look at our favorite celebrities’ everyday essentials. Before the quintet embarks on their first solo tour of the U.S., we caught up with them as they detailed the items they each can't live without, from a bold lip and hand cream to their favorite on-the-go snacks.
Note: If some of the items were unavailable or generic, similar options and suggestions were provided. The members of the group are also Etude House ambassadors.


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Twenty-seven-year-old Irene is best known for the care and strength she exhibits as the leader of the group. To help her get through South Korea's bitter winter, the Daegu native keeps reusable heat packs for her hands, as well as her phone and an external battery for long, busy days. And to really heat up the weather, the singer rocks a red-hot lip — Etude Color in Liquid Lips Mousse in the shade Hot Cherry Birch.


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Seulgi, 24, may come off as sweet and goofy off-stage, but the minute she's in the spotlight, she transforms into a fierce dancing machine whose stage presence commands your attention. No wonder she named Beyoncé as an artist she looks up to. Having to keep up with the physical demands of being a dancer and singer full-time, Seulgi's self-care items in her purse include Perio's dental cooling spray, eye drops, Etude House hand cream, as well as a small wallet.


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The 24-year-old fluent English speaker is one of the main vocal powerhouses of Red Velvet, with the ability to belt out notes that would likely give most who try an aneurysm. Wendy is always armed with lots of makeup in her bag, including many shades of Etude Matte Chic Lip Lacquer, eyeshadow palettes, and tools for touch-ups (including q-tips and pocket-size wet wipes). She also keeps fruit in her purse for a quick healthy snack.


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As if being a talented singer/dancer weren't enough, 22-year-old Joy is also an actress, having most recently appeared on the steamy Korean drama Tempted, based on Dangerous Liaisons (well, Cruel Intentions). Joy stays in the zone listening to music (recently, Camila Cabello) with her Apple Airpods, switches between Etude Shine Chic Lip Laquer shades Vintage Carrot and Rose Cocoa, and keeps healthy thanks to her stash of Orthomol Immun vitamins.


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The maknae (meaning "youngest" in Korean) of the group, 19-year-old Yeri is known for her humor and effervescent personality, which is why she seems to make friends wherever she goes. Yeri — who's been affectionately nicknamed "Yeriana" for her obsession with Ariana Grande — keeps her signature Yeri Pink shade of Etude Matte Chic Lip Lacquer in close reach. Also in her purse, you can usually find a hair scrunchie to tame her long locks, Airpods, as well as soy milk and a boiled egg for emergencies.

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